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Businesses identify over £1million of savings with help from Business Energy Efficiency programme

Small and medium sized businesses across the region have identified over £1million of potential cost savings which could be made by improving their energy efficiency.

Over the past 18 months, the Business Energy Efficiency (BEE) programme has supported over 170 businesses in the wider Cambridgeshire area to identify cost and carbon savings. To date, BEE have identified £1million of savings, and carbon savings of 4,645 tonnes; all through taking steps to improve their energy efficiency. The savings are the equivalent of 835 flights from London to Sydney.

BEECP can potentially provide grant funding up to a maximum of £20,000 or 25% of the total costs, to eligible businesses for energy efficiency measures such as LED lighting, heating and insulation, and as of the 1st October, they are now able to offer financial assistance to help eligible businesses to buy electric vehicles or invest in a solar PV renewable energy system.

Antony Gough, Project Manager at BEE, explained; “To date, we’ve identified over £1million in cost savings and awarded over £200,000 in grants to businesses within the wider Cambridgeshire area, enabling them to implement energy efficiency projects which not only improve their sustainability credentials, but reduce their operating costs too. It is a win-win situation for both the businesses and the environment.”

Cath Boughton, Emma Taylor, Warren Pope, Alan Herbert and Project Manager Antony Gough from the Business Energy Efficiency team

Businesses are urged to register their interest whilst the funding is still available.

There are general eligibility criteria that the business will need to meet to qualify for support from BEECP, but 95% of businesses are eligible. Business can find out more and register their interest at or by emailing or calling 01733 882549

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