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This support not only has the potential to reduce your operating costs, but in turn could also help your business become more competitive, aid business growth and strengthen resilience.

We will provide you with a single point of contact; supplying helpful support tailored to your business.

Through BEECP, we can offer your business access to a range of funded services including onsite energy reviews, grant support for energy efficiency projects and specialist technical consultancy such as feasibility studies.

Free Energy Reviews

Our energy efficiency advisers can visit your premises and help you to identify opportunities to save money and reduce carbon emissions. Click here to find out more

The BEECP programme provides free support to eligible organisations in the Greater Cambridge and Greater Peterborough Local Enterprise Partnership area to help them become more energy efficient.
Grant Funding

BEECP has a pot of funding from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) to enable eligible small and medium sized businesses to invest in capital projects and implement energy efficiency measures.

The maximum grant available is £20,000 or 25% of eligible project costs (whichever is the smaller), the minimum grant we offer is £1,000.

To find out more about the grants and what types of project are eligible for support, click here

Find out how we can support you today, call 01733 882544 or email


Is my business eligible for support from BEECP? 

As a guide, the programme is open to most Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) that meet the following criteria, though a full eligibility check will be completed when you register your interest with BEECP:

*NOTE: The criteria apply to your business and any ‘linked’ businesses that you own or that have a controlling interest in your business.

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