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BEE is Now Supporting Electric Vehicles and Solar PV Systems

New Funding Streams Available – Now Supporting Electric Vehicles and Solar PV Systems

The Business Energy Efficiency Programme for Cambridge and Peterborough (BEECP) has confirmed that it is now able to offer grant funding to small businesses to assist with buying an electric vehicle as well as to install a solar PV renewable energy system.

BEECP offers grants of up to 25% of the total costs towards capital investments in eligible energy efficiency measures, with a maximum grant of £20,000.

There are general eligibility criteria that the business will need to meet to qualify for support from BEECP and more information can be found here

More specifically, the key criteria for electric vehicles are;

  • You must be replacing an existing vehicle

  • The replacement vehicle must be new

  • The new vehicle must be 100% for business use

The key criteria for solar PV renewable energy systems are;

  • The business must NOT be intending to register for the Feed-in-Tariff with Ofgem

  • A detailed independent feasibility study has been completed (available fully funded through BEECP if needed)

Funding for electric vehicles and solar PV is available from the 1st October 2018

BEECP covers 14 local authority areas across South Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire, Rutland, North Hertfordshire, West Norfolk and West Suffolk. As well as energy efficiency grants, the programme offers fully funded Energy Reviews and can also support feasibility studies for more complex projects.

Business can register their interest in support here ; by emailing or by calling 01733 882549

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