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Businesses’ energy prices set to snowball due to freezing conditions

Cambridgeshire has been hit with a severe cold snap bringing snow and ice for several weeks and businesses could now face high energy costs as they try to provide staff with warm working conditions.

Thankfully businesses are able to receive help from the Business Energy Efficiency (BEE) programme which offers free energy reviews to eligible small and medium-sized businesses in the county as well as grants of up to 25% of the cost of installing energy efficiency measures.

With money secured from the European Regional Development Fund, BEE takes eligible businesses through a review process that can help to identify energy saving opportunities. Businesses can then opt to invest in capital projects that implement energy efficiency measures, with grants available up to a maximum £20,000.

Warren Pope, one of BEE’s business energy advisors, comments “Many businesses are not aware that funding is available to help them become more energy efficient and cut their costs by supporting them to implement a range of measures which will reduce their energy use and bills. In weather conditions like this, inefficient heating and insulation can dramatically increase energy costs as businesses try to keep their offices and working areas warm.

“We have already helped 102 businesses become more energy efficient and have identified massive cost savings of £618,284.”

The funding pot is limited and is only available for a fixed period of time so businesses are being urged to get in touch to find out if they are eligible.

If your organisation is interested in a free survey or an energy efficiency grant, then register your interest online, or call the team 01733 882549.

The programme is being delivered by the environmental charity PECT, Groundwork and Nwes, with funding secured from the European Regional Development Fund. To find out more please visit, email or call 01733 882549.

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