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Help for businesses to make the change to LED lighting with energy reviews and grant funding

With LED lights offering the potential to significantly reduce energy use and associated costs, the Business Energy Efficiency (BEE) programme is here to support businesses in identifying the potential savings in making the switch – as well as helping them to apply for grants towards the capital cost of purchasing and installing LED lighting.

Lighting accounts for 20% of all the energy consumption in the UK according to latest figures from The Carbon Trust - making it a significant component of the nation’s energy bills. For a building, The Carbon Trust suggests that energy consumed by lighting can rise to 40%. With the price of LED lights dropping significantly in recent years and improvements in quality they are a logical choice, using 80% less energy than most traditional bulbs - but it can sometimes be expensive for businesses to make the initial investment to upgrade.

Small and medium sized businesses can take the first step towards reducing their energy costs by getting in touch with the BEE programme. With financial support from the European Regional Development Fund, the BEE programme takes eligible businesses through a review process that can help to identify energy saving opportunities, like a switch to LED lighting.

Businesses can then opt to invest in capital projects that implement energy efficiency measures, with grants available up to a maximum of 25% of total eligible costs or £20,000, whichever is lower. The programme has already helped a manufacturer in South Cambridgeshire secure £5,300 towards LED lighting; and a leisure facility in Fenland secured £2,100.

Antony Gough, BEE Project Manager, said: “Lighting can be a significant portion of a business’s energy bills – but we’re here to help them. BEE can make a real difference to both your environmental impact and bottom line. Our advisers can help you review your energy usage and understand where you can make savings. We can also support eligible businesses in applying for a grant to help implement some really effective energy efficiency measures.

“Our funding pot is limited and only available for a fixed period of time. I’d urge businesses to get in touch and find out if they are eligible sooner rather than later, so they don’t miss out.”

The programme is being delivered by the environmental charity PECT, Groundwork and Nwes, with funding secured from the European Regional Development Fund.

To find out more please visit, email or call 01733 882549.

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