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Let your business feel the heat: Infrared Heating

The real innovation in this technology lies in the energy efficient way in which the infrared rays heat a space. This is in contrast to traditional convection heating, which relies on coming into contact with warm air.

Infrared directly warms the solid objects (thermal mass) in a room (i.e. ceiling, walls, furniture and people). It’s the same principle and uses the same type of rays as the sun warming the earth and it feels the same!

The energy stored in the solid objects is then gradually released back into the room as heat. This homogeneous heating of the room from all surfaces results in a pleasant environment with a constant humidity (approx. 45%). As we are not heating the air, convection currents are minimised and this provides a more comfortable environment by reducing the circulation of dust and allergens.

By directly heating occupants within a room, the air temperature can be reduced by 2-3°C whilst maintaining the same level of comfort - a 1°C drop in average space temperature can cut heating energy consumption by 8%. In addition the warm, drier walls also become better insulators with a lower U-value.

Employees are happier and more productive when they are in a more comfortable work environment. By maintaining optimum thermal conditions in the work place, through the use of Infrared heating technologies, employers can take a big step towards achieving this goal.

Heating (incl. hot water) can account for up to 60% of an SME's energy use, so employers are right to be mindful of escalating costs. However, Infrared technology improves energy efficiency whilst providing unparalleled levels of thermal comfort. The ability to precisely control infrared heating further enhances the comfort level and avoids wasting valuable energy through unnecessary overheating.

Infrared can be used as a primary heating system (usually replacing electric convection heaters) or as supplementary heating to tackle ‘cold spots’, for instance in reception areas or by leaky windows. In addition it’s ideal for zone heating within larger buildings, for example in warehouses, where it is often not necessary to heat the entire space.

Infrared heating is flexible enough to allow units to be fitted on the wall/ceiling, suspended, integrated within a ceiling grid or free-standing and installation is quick meaning disruption costs are kept to a minimum and floor space optimised. Infrared heating offers businesses superior levels of thermal comfort combined with reduced running and maintenance costs.

Interested in Infrared Heating for your business premises? See how BEECP may be able to assist you with grand funding (for eligible businesses) by calling 01733 882549.

This article was written by ARC Thermal Products, call 01923 889480, email or visit

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