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BEECP Appoints Technical Specialists

Since the spring of this year, the Business Energy Efficiency Cambridge and Peterborough (BEECP) programme has supported 36 SMEs in identifying over £200,000 worth of savings that could be made by improving their energy efficiency in areas such as lighting, heating and installing more efficient machinery.

BEECP was launched to encourage and enable local businesses to become more energy efficient. The programme provides free support to eligible organisations in the region, offering access to a range of funded services including on-site energy reviews, grants for energy efficiency projects and specialist technical consultancy such as feasibility studies. This support has the potential to reduce company’s operating costs, help businesses become more competitive, aid growth and strengthen resilience.

Our expert advisors have also identified some more complex issues that need specialist sector support before being taken forward. That’s why the BEECP programme has recently appointed two technical specialists to the project: Carbon Smart and Pro Enviro, to support businesses in the Cambridge and Peterborough area. Both consultancies have a wealth of experience working with SMEs, providing a range of energy efficiency support.

The technical specialists will be able to further assist businesses by providing more in-depth support to eligible SMEs to investigate the possibilities of complex energy efficient technologies, perhaps specific to their industry, or even investing in energy-generation technologies. The specialists will provide in-depth analysis of the benefits, business case and paybacks for investing in specific technologies and will support subsequent grant applications. Carbon Smart is an independent sustainability consultancy founded in 2007 and based in London. It works with organisations of all sizes, in the private and public sector to reduce the negative impact, increase the positive impact and realise the commercial benefit of doing so. The organisation helps its clients find clear, practical sustainability strategies that contribute to a better world and to their specific challenges.

Helen Troup, from Carbon Smart, says: “Carbon Smart is excited to join the BEECP programme and is looking forward to supporting businesses in the Greater Cambridge and Greater Peterborough area. Through the programme, we will help businesses to become more energy efficient and reduce energy costs, lower carbon emissions, and enhance resilience. BEECP and Carbon Smart will help small businesses to become sustainable and tackle climate change.”

Pro Enviro is a leading specialist consultancy helping energy intensive companies to optimise their processes through resource efficiency. With over 28 years of experience working with companies around the world, the organisation offers a bespoke consultancy service and tailored solutions to reduce consumption of resources, especially energy, with the potential to save significant costs.

“Many businesses have some really good ideas but do not always have the knowledge or experience to fully develop and exploit those ideas,” explains Steve Stones from Pro Enviro. “This additional support can help turn good ideas into great projects that deliver real bottom line and environmental benefits.”

The BEECP project is being delivered by the charity Peterborough Environment City Trust (PECT), in partnership with Groundwork and Nwes.

If you feel your business could benefit from this support, the first step is to book in an energy review with one of our advisors. Sign up online at, call us on 01733 882549 or email the team at

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