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Help available for Cambridgeshire businesses to cut energy usage and costs this Earth Day

Cambridgeshire businesses are being encouraged to celebrate Earth Day on April 22 by signing up to a new programme which aims to help reduce their energy usage and costs.

Earth Day is an annual global event to show support for environmental protection. Its aim is to encourage people to do things that will benefit the Earth, such as changing to renewable energy sources, wasting less resources or planting trees.

Small and medium sized businesses wanting to show their commitment to Earth Day could do so by improving their energy efficiency with help from the Business Energy Efficiency Cambridge and Peterborough (BEECP) programme. BEECP has money available from the European Regional Development Fund and is being delivered by the charity Peterborough Environment City Trust (PECT), Groundwork and Nwes.

The project offers eligible businesses a free energy efficiency audit which will help identify areas where cost and carbon savings can be made. There is also grant funding available to help businesses invest in capital projects to implement energy efficiency measures.

To date around 40 SMEs have contacted BEECP for support, recognising the tangible business and environmental benefits that result from becoming more energy efficient as an organisation

Antony Gough, BEECP Project Manager, said: “This is a great opportunity for small and medium sized businesses to actively reduce their impact on the environment.

“The process to establish whether a business is eligible for help is quick and easy, and the support on offer could make a real difference in terms of reducing energy usage and therefore costs. I would encourage small and medium sized businesses to get in touch today to find out how we can help them be more energy efficient.”

To find out more about the programme please visit, email or call 01733 882549. You can find out more about Earth Day at

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